Transforming nice into fabulous with cowhide patchwork rugs

One of the key finishing touches in any room is a rug. There are many different types and styles to choose from; however, a style that has become quite trendy are cowhide patchwork rugs. When people think of cowhide, they automatically think of the traditional hide that has been butterflied and laid on the floor in front of a fireplace, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, modern cowhide rugs have a lot to offer.  Particularly patchwork style rugs, which involves a meticulous process of cutting patches of different tones of cowhide and stitching them together into a pattern.If you haven’t seriously thought about investing in a cowhide patchwork rug before, you may be unaware of the many…

Add a Cozy Touch to Your Carpet

Though hardwood flooring continues to be a hot trend, many homeowners are still seeing the value that carpet provides. Not only is this type of flooring warm, it also absorbs sound, retains air for energy savings, and softens falls. For these reasons, it’s still a top choice when it comes to flooring options.

When layered over carpet, cowhide rugs make a stunning statement in your living room. One reason these two decor elements fit so well with each other? They’re both soft to the touch, making your space extra luxurious, especially for the lucky ones who get to rest their feet on them!

They’re also similar textures, and when you add a cowhide rug on top of carpet, you’ll extend the level of softness provided by the latter.

When choosing a rug to lay on top of your carpet, look for one in a similar tone family that will integrate seamlessly with your existing color scheme. Then, sit back and relax, enveloped in a double dose of comfort.

Thinking of eventually swapping your carpet for a different type of floor covering, such as hardwood or vinyl flooring? If so, try to visualize how the space will look sans carpet, and pick a rug that will look equally good there.