Designleathers it’s a business distributing from Miami, Fl.

We produce, distribute and export to any market in the world.

Since 1999 designleathers is totally compromised with our clients expectations.


Is totally committed with our environment, working with our partners to meet local environmental requirments. Leather is a 100% natural product, which comes from nature and will one day return to nature. It will be always a pleasure answer your questions.

Please contact us to or to any of our contact numbers in Miami.

Our Guarantee

The cowhide pictured is the cowhide you will get when you order. This is a first come, first serve, site – meaning cowhides sold today will be pulled down on the next business day.

If you like a cowhide that has already been sold, you may send us an email via our contact page with the stock number and we will gladly send you images of similar cowhides. We go to great strides to find unique “one-of-a-kind” cowhides which can be very difficult to source. The price of our cowhides can vary greatly based on color, size, quality, availability and length of warranty.


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Phone: (+1) 954 552 6604
Showroom (768) 762 2162